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Chalcopyrite and Tenorite closeup (Copper Ores), El Paso County, Texas

Chalcopyrite is an important Cu ore. Tenorite is found in oxidized zones.
Locality: labeled as ore from the Pecos Mining Company, Sierra Diablo Range, in El Paso County, Texas.
Chemical Formula: CuFeS2 (Chalcopyrite) and CuO (Tenorite)
Crystal System: Tetragonal
Specimen size: 5 x 5 x 3 cm
Specimen weight: 375 grams
Collection ID: TMM-1765
Mineral resources of the United States, Calendar Year 1909 (p. 455) reports that the Hazel Mine in the Sierra Diablo range was and important Copper and Silver producer, and earlier reports (1902) report assays of 44% Cu from the Hazel Mine.

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