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Balmorhea Blue Agate, Reeves County, Texas.

Agate (variety Balmorhea Blue, polished)
Locality: Reeves County
Chemical Formula: SiO2 (Chalcedony, cryptocrystalline form of Silica or Quartz)
Specimen size: 9.5 cm x 15 cm x 21 cm
Specimen weight: 2.192 kilograms
Specimen ID #: 936
From the McIver Agate Collection (Jackson School of Geosciences).

Balmorhea201510232.192 kilogramsBalmorhea Blue AgateJackson School CollectionMcIver CollectionReeves CountyUniversity of Texas at Austin9.5x15.x21cmAgateMineralsTexasspecimensSpecimen ID 936Dr. Mark Helper