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Gypsum, var. Selenite , Bastrop County, Texas

Gypsum, variety Selenite with "fishtail" habit
Locality: Along Pin Oak Creek, Bastrop County, Texas
Chemical Formula: CaSO4 * H2O
Crystal System: Monoclinic
Specimen size: 4.125 in x 2.25 in .75 in
Specimen weight: 23 grams
Shared by the Middleton Collection (AGMS).

SeleniteAustin Gem and Mineral SocietyBastrop CountyGypsum twinMiddleton CollectionPalo Pinto CreekAGMSCaSO4H20Texascrystalmineralmonoclinicspecimensulfatetwin4.125 in x 2.25 in .75 in23 grams

From AGMS - Austin Gem & Mineral Society